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Yes Church Branson West

Our Assignment

Yes Church

The Holy Spirit has given YES! a seven-fold assignment to be...

  • a landing strip for God's Glory - Pursuing God

  • a launching pad for ministry - Equipping Ministers

  • a watering hole for a regional move of God - Birthing Revival

  • the Father's living room - Uniting the Family

  • a city on a hill - Developing Community

  • a salvage yard for broken, discarded people - Winning Souls

  • the Governor's Gate (Nehemiah) - Apostolic Leadership

Yes Church Branson West

YES! 360

Our address at 360 Emerson Rd is not coincidental, we believe it to be prophetic of our mission, as we desire to be a, ‘round the block, ‘round the clock, ‘round the world ministry. While reaching our immediate Tri-Lakes Area, we know the Great Commission reaches to all nations. We seek to reach from the gutter-most to the uttermost!

The cross is for all ages from crib to old age. We are blind to racial distinctions, make room for internationals in the area, bless the poor, respect those of means, and welcome those with a strong religious background or no background at all.

The Whole Word
for the Whole World

We are committed to publishing sound, relevant Bible training books and commentaries to give readers tools for victorious living and ammunition for spiritual warfare.

Dr. Kris Jackson Author
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